Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glendale Cruise Night

There's nothing like the intertwined scents of CO2 and testosterone on a hot summer night! Throw in lots of folks looking at hundreds of cruisers, Dean Torrence from Jan and Dean, Pat Boone and Sha Na Na, and you have the Glendale Cruise Night.

I arrived just in time to hear "Deadman's Curve" before getting bobbled into the mass of serious cruisers, hotrodders and lookie-loos checking out the cool cars. This ride ranked way up there in my favorites, since it was barely clearing the ground and the paint job was phenomenal. I ran into some car-fanatic friends, and I never made it back to the stage. Pat Boone was there to present awards, and Sha Na Na was the headliner. They were celebrating their 40th year since playing at Woodstock. Wow! That would be a whole other scent lingering in the air, but I digress.

The coolest part was the breakdown of the show, which meant the drivers fired up their engines, showed off a bit, and drove in mass down Brand Boulevard. Fun!

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