Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zankou Chicken

I wish this was scratch and sniff, because Zankou Chicken's scent is heavenly. I was driving down Colorado after a busy day of thrift store shopping, and I was ravenous. Like Pavlov and his dog, a mental bell pelled - and smelled - out Zankou, and I started salivating.

The first Zankou opened in Hollywood in 1984. Now with eight locations, the loyal pack of followers hunt down Zankou for the delicious and nutritious food. This is the Tarna plate, the tastiest roasted chicken ever with hummus, tahini (food of the Gods, part 2) and salad. The purple things are pickled turnips, I believe. This comes with pita bread and the yummiest garlic paste. Make your own wraps or just eat it all willy-nilly. Remember to grab some "old lady mints" (what my brother calls peppermints since old ladies always have some in their purses) because you will need refreshing after lapping up all the garlic.

Ring the bell; Zankou is the best in show!

Click here to go to their Web site.

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