Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Staycation: South Pasadena Fair Oaks Pharmacy

Fresh from a visit with the family in Indiana, I did a quick check of the finances and realized THAT trip would be THE trip for the summer. Although I don't regret the funds spent on my plane ticket, rental car, Crave Cases at White Castle, or multiple scoops of homemade ice cream (who could resist the blackberry cobbler flavor?), I still could use a vacation. Instead, I'm gearing up for a staycation, right here in South Pasadena, and exploring my little city.

My first stop had to be the Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain. Located on Route 66, on Fair Oaks and Mission, this place dates back to 1915. Since I get my prescriptions filled here, I'm quite familiar with the offerings. But to the uninitiated, it is one multi-tasking joint! In addition to the pharmacy service, there's the vintage soda fountain with all the classic ice cream options. I'll vouch for the peanut butter milk shake if you're leaning to the dairy side of the menu. Or, start with a burger to lay a base, then have a shake. Then take out your handy-dandy Blackberry (or PDA, not more sugary treats) and schedule some time for a food coma. Note that you do have a pharmacy at your disposal should you need some overindulgence tummy-aids. Finally, there's the cool shopping opportunities with the whimsical greeting cards, old school toys and games, "bathcessories," jewelry and more. Fair Oaks Pharmacy is my go-to place for baby and wedding shower gifts because the selection is so unique.

Never a dull moment, or bad experience, at Fair Oaks Pharmacy, so stop by when you're in town to see it all for yourself.

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