Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Staycation: South Pasadena Architecture

When I think of South Pasadena architecture, I think of these Flintstones-esque shelters and portals. Until recently, I did not know that these were actually the work of building brothers Greene and Greene. (You probably know their work from the Gamble House.) This portal is at Oaklawn and Columbia. On the Fair Oaks end of Oaklawn is a bridge, built in 1906, which happens to be the only bridge Greene and Greene designed. I was completely unaware as I was running sprints across their work of art!

For a city less than 3.5 square miles, South Pasadena actually has lots of architecture to gawk at. From several massive Greene and Greene homes, to the 1925 Rialto Theatre, and the Myers home from the first Halloween movie, pick a street - any street - and you could see mixed and mingled styles from 19th century Foursquare, Victorian Farmhouse, Eastlake and Queen Anne to 20th century Craftsman, American Colonial, Spanish Colonial and Tudor Revival.

So get out there and explore! And if you want to take on the bridge, I'll meet you at the so-called waiting station on Fair Oaks. Yabba dabba doooo!

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