Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Morrison - Revisited

Where do I start with this monstrosity from The Morrison?! How about it has been more than seven months since I've had a burger and I'm really jonesing? Or, that I'm still dreeeammming about their Soft Scotch Eggs? Or, as I shared in my January post, I want to try everything on the menu? Yes, all of the above factored into the fantastic Morrison Fillet Burger.

What you see on the left if a fillet (filet, if you will), then cheese, then burger, and finally celeriac slaw stacked between a toasted English muffin. I wasn't expecting the standard fries when I ordered the cheesy fries topped with gravy and fried egg to share. The house-made pickles were stellar. Of course, I had to have another Scotch Egg, just to confirm the first one wasn't a fluke. This was all washed down with a ginger beer. Every morsel was delicious!

Have I now sold you on The Morrison?! Who's up for the next round?!

Click here to go to The Morrison's Web site.

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