Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Roast To Go

Jury Duty Day 3. I'm now in the box and being interviewed. Today during lunch, I need Salt Peanut Cake from Nickel Diner (see May 2009 post). SPC has been so close, yet so far away these days downtown. I decided to swing by the Grand Central Market (see August 2009 post) and grab some grub first. A carnitas burrito from Roast To Go was the perfect solution! I did take it to go (to eat back at the Courthouse) and hustled over to The Nickel. SPC was packaged to go, also, for some delayed gratification when the day was done.

After a few more hours of interviewing, I was thanked and excused. Woohoo, and I'm out the door.

Once home, this is the reward for completing my civic duty. SPC almost made it worthwhile. ALMOST!

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