Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lenny G's

Day 2 of Jury Duty. I've been called to a case, and I'm potential juror #28. The drawn-out interviewing process begins...

Luckily, today for lunch there is a Farmer's Market at the Grand Park right by the Courthouse. (Have you seen that new park? Last time I did Jury Duty, this was all concrete and ugly. What a refreshing change!) Of all the choices, Lenny G's with fried catfish Po-Boys and peanut cole slaw called my name. Delish!! Lenny G's serves their Cajun and Creole dishes at several Farmer's Markets, so check them out when you get the craving!

Click here to go to Lenny G's Web site.

Click here to go to Grand Park's Web site.

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