Monday, March 25, 2013

Simply Salad

I'm downtown again for Jury Duty. I know, it does seem like I just did it! But, checking this very blog, my last service was October, 2010 (see posts on Lemonade and the Cathedral). ARGH!

Anyway, this is my lunch from Simply Salad. (Remember what I ate just yesterday on the Charles Phoenix tour? Salad is a very good idea!) They've jumped on the "make your own" craze with a huge variety of options to personalize a salad, while offering several "signature" choices. I went with the Thai it Up!, made of crunchy lettuce, grilled chicken, peanuts, carrots, wontons, bean sprouts and red peppers with Thai peanut dressing. What made it super-special was that they chop it up with the double-bladed curved knives. That meant it was really easy for me to eat with my braces. Woohoo!!

Click here for Simply Salad's Web site.

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