Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thai Purple

I was all set to see "Horrible Bosses" at the theater in Alhambra on Garfield, even though my timing was horribly off. After running some errands, I was bummed at arriving between showings and with a grumbling tummy. I considered my options: theater food pre-show (all the while remembering Elaine on "Seinfeld" saying she'd rather lick the floor than eat a theater hot dog), or grabbing something quick nearby.

Glancing just across the street, I spotted Thai Purple, and I gave it a green light. Here you see the lunch combo: mint leaf chicken, Thai BBQ chicken (with a big knife to slice it!), salad and rice, along with some really tasty lemonade. Delish! And, all for $8, tax and tip included. For the same amount I might have been able to get a kid's popcorn and soda but probably not much more. And, I would've still been ravenous.

"Horrible Bosses" was fun, but not in the funny way I expected. I recommend it, but be warned it is not for kids or the easily offended. Yes, I know, neither probably applies to you...

Thai Purple does not currently have a Web site. Street address is 27 North Garfield Avenue in Alhambra. Phone is 626-300-9083.

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