Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Dinosaurus!" at the Page

Another summer, another wacky round of B-Movies and Bad Science, courtesy of the Natural History Museum. This time, it's an all dinosaur line-up (Note to self: I really need to go see the new Dino Hall at the Natch!), all shown on the lawn at the Page Museum (Reminder to readers: no dinos at the Tar Pits except the ones in these movies!).

Here you see the prehistoric stars of "Dinosaurus!" During an island construction project, T-rex and Brontosaurus were discovered "frozen in time" and drudged up from the harbor. Left on the beach until the head honchos could figure out what to do with them, both dinos were struck by lightning and - oh no! - came back to life. I won't further spoil the plot (as if!), but will throw out that a caveman resuscitated from the same lightning storm adds some random comic relief to the terror of the reptilian rampage.

I am totally looking forward to two upcoming B-Movies, both with Ray Harryhausen stop-motion animation: "The Valley of Gwangi" on August 6, and "One Million Years B.C." on August 27. I gave shout-outs here to Ray in May and October last year, and will be giving shout-outs at the Page both these nights. Come on, you know you want to join the cheeze-fest!

Click here to go to NHM's B-Movies and Bad Science Web site.

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