Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trails Cafe

Two non-intersecting groups of friends - the vegans/vegetarians and the hikers - have both been raving about Trails Cafe in my beloved Griffith Park.

After driving by a gazillion times on the way up and down Fern Dell to the Observatory, I finally stopped. And, trust me dear friends, I won't stop going back!

First of all, I won't even try to describe how amazing it smells at the approach. They bake their own pastries onsite, and I'll elaborate a little more on that in a second.

Here you see their veggie chili, my choice to lay a pre-pastry base. Yes, I am a chili fan, as multiple posts have described. This version looks a little soupy but was actually chock-full of two kinds of beans, carrots, corn and peppers. Delish!

At one side is a wedge of sage and blue corn skillet bread (was that what I was smelling?!), and some fresh-squeezed lemonade on the other. The dappled sunlight only added to the ambiance and wonderful experience of eating outside in the park.

And the pastry mentioned earlier? Choices included a variety of pies, by-the-slice or mini versions where you could eat the whole thing, plus lots of fresh, interesting cookies. I got a lavender shortbread to go. It was awesome!

Next time, I'm going for breakfast and a hike. See you there?!

Click here to go to their Web site.

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