Monday, March 7, 2011

Nick's Cafe

I was catching up with two of my running friends, and of course we were going to eat. Due to scheduling challenges, it would have to be early. Nick's Cafe - over by Chinatown, the Homegirl Cafe (see May 2009 post) and LA Historic Park/Cornfields - came up after hearing KTLA morning anchor Michaela Pereira raving about Nick's as her favorite breakfast place.

Here you see what she was talking about. It's the eggs n corned beef hash (their wording, not mine!) with the country potatoes and a pancake. I know, can you believe all that for $8.50? The waitress also brought an order of the sourdough toast just in case I didn't have enough carbs. The hash was delish with lots of peppery flavor, and their homemade apple-blueberry jam was fantastic! I'll let you know how it reheats, as half the eggs, hash and potatoes are taunting me from the fridge.

Nick's is an old-school diner, with the U-shaped counter and stools. It reminded me of Chili John's in Burbank (see May 2010 post); Nick's could be the younger brother of John's, as Nick's opened in 1948, two years after John's. Check it out for yourself next time you're heading downtown. And, tell me about your favorite breakfast place. Maybe it will end up here!

Click here to go to Nick's Web site.

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