Friday, March 18, 2011

The Magic Castle, Revisited

I posted on The Magic Castle in November of 2009, advising that you have to go any time you get a chance. Since we have the Houdini exhibition opening next month (remember, I work at the Skirball now), magic and The Magic Castle are front and center of everyone's mind. I was invited by my pal to "check out the talent" for some collaborative programs. As if I needed an excuse to go back!

This time, the idea was to attend Houdini's Seance. But before I elaborate on that, I got to participate in another magic show! In the Peller Project room, magician Jimmy H. literally pulled one over on me. He asked three audience members questions, and our answers: Turkey, Pizza, and my $5 million, plus my name (I know!!) appeared on the paper shown here that was INSIDE a sealed envelope! As my answer was last, I was invited up front to read the sheet to the group and got to keep it! Very cool!!

As for the Seance, it was a hoot! The Houdini Seance Room is full of the infamous memorabilia, such as a milk can, straitjacket and handcuffs, plus photos, posters and other ephemera. After an overview and "warm-up" with Leo Kostka, the resident medium, the seance began. It included Houdini's seance conductor Dr. Edward Saint's recorded voice coming out of a vintage radio, a levitating table, tinkling bells, pulsing lights and moving candles. I won't spill all the beans, as you should experience it for yourself!

Finally, our little group got a private card show with magician Micah Cover. Again, I touched a lot of those cards and can't figure out how he did those tricks! That's why I'll keep going back to The Magic Castle every chance I get!

Click here to go to The Magic Castle's Web site.
Click here to go to the Skirball's Houdini page.

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