Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mix n' Munch Cereal and Grilled Cheese Cafe

It's one of those cold, rainy LA days (yes, it does happen!), and I'm out running my local errands and needing lunch. Like a flash of lightning, I remember that the Mix n' Munch Cereal and Grilled Cheese Cafe is finally open on Mission near the Gold Line Station, and grilled cheese would definitely hit the spot!

Mix n' Munch is a childhood meal dream come true. First there's the 25 or so cold cereal options, (I could've used them when I was craving the Crunch Berries a few weeks ago) that you can mix and match and combine with fresh fruits, circus animal crackers, marshmallows and sprinkles to your heart's and stomach's desire.

Not a cereal kind of day? Then, there's the grilled cheeses that you build yourself. Select a bread and cheese combo - I went with swiss and pepper jack shown here on the shepherds bread - then any extras like bacon, mushrooms or avocado. I did not need any extras, because I ordered the homemade tomato soup. It was more chunky marinara sauce-ish than slurpy soup and was a perfect plunge for the grilled cheese. Note that tater tots are also available, along with some other sides for reminiscing.

Next time, I'm going to venture to the grilled dessert sandwich section of their monster menu. They have Nutella, marshmallow fluff, apple slices and grape jelly to make a blood sugar spiking treat. My eyes zeroed on on The Elvis, with peanut butter, banana and bacon. YUM! Who's with me?!

Click here to go to Mix n' Munch's Web site.

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