Saturday, December 18, 2010


It's one of those crazy rainy nights in Los Angeles (really, it happens!), and I had a ticket to see my friend's Christmas concert at the Alex Theater. Knowing I'd need to find someplace to eat beforehand, and addressing that I didn't want to drive all over the place, the clouds cleared in my head as I thought about Porto's just a block or so across the street.

I've had their food quite often: their Cuban sandwiches at Hollywood Bowl potlucks and their pastries at fancy parties. This was my first time salivating over the full menu! I went with the Medianoche sandwich (medianoche = midnight and the weather made it seem very late, indeed) with the plaintain chips. Here you see the slow roasted pork, ham and Swiss cheese, but the kicker was the sweet bread. YUM!! And, before you think I pulled a "just a sandwich at Porto's" visit, I'll admit I warmed up with their legendary potato balls. They're kind of like mini breaded and fried shepherd's pies. Oh yes, and some steamy hot chocolate to wash it all down.

So, no pastries this time, but I could do some major damage at that counter. And, I won't save a return visit for a rainy day!

Click here to go to Porto's Web site.

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