Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was dining with some friends at Chin Chin in Beverly Hills. After plates and plates of peanut noodles, minced chicken lettuce cups, garlicky string beans, and Chinese chicken salad, we needed some American dessert.

Luckily, Gulfstream at the Century City Mall and their hot fudge sundae delivered. Here you see the vanilla bean ice cream, candied nuts and the vat of hot fudge. Yum! Happy faces all around the table!

What you don't see is the second dessert we ordered: butternut squash and nutmeg creme brulee. I KNOW!! It was delish, and I will admit that it was even better with some of the hot fudge drizzled atop. Note that this was the Daily Dessert, so don't have a sad face if you go and they offer some other equally fantastic special.

Now, does anyone know what restaurant Gulfstream used to be?!

Click here to go to Gulfstream's Web site.

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