Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Button Store

As the fifth of six kiddies, I regularly got hand-me-downs from a sister - or brother. Early on, I learned the benefits of the sewing machine, and I often made or remade my clothes. (Remember, I was Miss Home Economics senior year of high school, and they don't just throw those titles around!) Sometimes, my clothes remaking involved a fitting situation, while other times it was all about the bling.

Although I'm not making my own clothes these days, I still alter clothes on a regular basis. Boring cardigan sweater? Attach some ribbon to the placket. Sleeves too long on the pullover? Use the pinking shears to shorten and prevent raveling. The little curl it creates on the edges looks planned and paid for.

Lately, I've been into buttons and have been relying on my stash to enhance choice items. One time in San Francisco, I visited a button store and bought sassy gold buttons with bagpipes. (Those buttons have dolled up a number of jackets over the years and now adorn a preppy brown corduroy blazer.) With the SF shopping experience in mind, I found The Button Store on Third Street near Sweetzer. Again, I was a bit overwhelmed by the thousands of buttons, both vintage and new, on display. Here you can see one set of graduated buttons I bought: black/magenta mother of pearl babies. Buttons here are not cheap, but these are not the kinds of buttons you'll find at Wal-Mart (not that there's anything wrong with Wal-Mart!). Sometimes you just gotta pay for your bling!

The Button Store does not have a Web site. Address is 8344 W. Third Street in Los Angeles. Phone is 323-658-5473.

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