Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rosti Tuscan Kitchen

Although Santa Monica is only about a marathon away, sometimes it seems like it is another country. When I head that direction, I usually double dip my activities, and tonight was a perfect example. I was invited to my friend's film screening at the Aero Theater, which just happens to be a few blocks from one of my favorite restaurants, Rosti Tuscan Kitchen. When I lived in Venice, I was at Rosti all the time. Here's the reason it's a fave: the gnocchi all' arrabbiata. I want to drink that firey sauce with a straw!

Knowing the potato-pillow gnocchi coma was virtually inevitable, I started with the arugula and fig salad to lay a base. And you know the salad is good when you actually finish it when the reason you're there is steaming on the table!

Laying the base was crucial, as this dish is just gnocchi, with spicy sauce and roasted cloves of garlic. Simplicity perfected!! And, maybe it's a good thing I need to do a marathon to get there now, as this kind of carb-loading could be addicting!

Click here to go to Rosti's Web site.

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