Friday, October 15, 2010

Pierce College Corn Maze

Last October, I posted on the Corn Maze at Forneris Farms in Mission Hills, near the intersection of the 405 and 5 freeways. In my efforts to cover ALL of Los Angeles, this year I ventured southwest to Woodland Hills and Pierce College's Corn Maze.

The set-up was the same: utilize your three-dimensional skills to recognize cutout patterns in the corn that correspond with the two-dimensional map illustration. Then you follow the path to find the "you are here" spots and answer questions about farms and agriculture in Los Angeles. This year, it took me just under an hour, and I found all of the eight question spots.

Here you get the idea that you can't see very far in the corn! And, this path may be an actual part of the pattern, or it could be a teaser route to confuse you. I don't remember because the corn stalks all end up looking the same. And, unless you're walking along the fence line, you really have no idea of north, south, east, west, which makes it challenging to follow the map. But, as you might expect, that's all part of the fun!

So, two Los Angeles corn mazes down. How many more can there be out there?! Definitely, let me know what I'm missing!

Click here to go to the Pierce College Corn Maze Web site.

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