Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mo's Foggybottom Burger

Last July, I wrote about Mo's Foggybottom burger, and how I had to earn one before I ate one. Well, today was finally the day!

After more than a year of salivating, my 2:44 clock time for the Los Angeles Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon was nothing! Well, it was something, but I knew the Foggybottom was waiting for me, so I tried to have a pep in the step. (For the non-runners out there, it's important to have protein after a long run to refuel your muscles and allow for recovery. Some people think this is an excuse to load up, but I'll leave that to you to decide.)

For clarification, the Foggybottom is a hearty burger to start with, then you are served little bowls with peanut butter and sour plum jam to spread as desired atop the burger. The flavor is awesome! You also get a run at their salad and toppings bar, where I took some tomatoes and pickles (not that they were going on the Foggybottom!), plus some really tasty slaw and potato salad. I definitely had some good vegetable products to balance the burger.

Dang, if I do the full LA Marathon in March, what will be my recovery meal? Hmm, something to think about on those long runs!

Click here to go to Mo's Web site.

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