Monday, October 11, 2010

Mijares Mexican Restaurant

I drive by Mijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena each morning on my way to work, their 90th Anniversary banner waving at me as I head toward the 134. Before it rolled into the 91st anniversary, I decided I needed to be part of their celebration.

Of all the enticing dishes on the menu, I was drawn to this one - Corky's Fabulous Garbage Burrito - primarily for the awesomeness of the name! It's stuffed with the usual burrito suspects, then you can personalize by adding sauce and cheese, and/or beans and rice, and/or carnitas or machaca. Very tasty, and huge! Thanks, Corky, for a tasty dinner and an equally tasty lunch the next day!

By the way, Mijares is also known for their margaritas. As I just say no, you'll have to let me know if the acclaim is deserved. In any event, let's all clink our glasses and cheer Mijares on for another 90 fabulous years!

Click here to go to Mijares Web site.

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