Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Coffee Table Bistro

I often overlook The Coffee Table Bistro on the stretch of Colorado in Eagle Rock. See, Coffee Table is right across the street from the Oinkster (see September 2009 post), and you know how fond I am of those Belgian frites.

On the frites front, here you see the Coffee Table's also awesome fries, sidled up to their Blacked Ahi Burger. Yes, that's a seared tuna filet on a whole wheat bun and all the standard burger toppings. (I know, it looks like a grilled PB & strawberry J sandwich!) The filet was huge and soooo delish!!

I've always liked the cool mosaic tiled tables - each one different - at the Coffee Table. I'll just have to remember to share the love a little more when choosing between these two fooding neighbors!

Click here to go to Coffee Table's Web site.

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