Friday, September 10, 2010

Cee-dee's Big Adventure: LA County Fair

My final stop on the Big Adventure was the Los Angeles County Fair. Yeehaw! I hadn't been to this fair in at least 10 years, and I was looking for the cheeze. One slice of cheeze was the pig races. I was totally looking forward to them, and the little oinkers did not disappoint! Is it too cheezy to say that racing fans got to "bring home the bacon" with a coupon for free bacon at Ralphs? I thought so!

Speaking of bacon, there were lots of tantalizing fair foods, including chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried everything. I was majorly tempted by the deep-fried s'more, but I just said no. The Cheese Cave sandwich was definitely doing its job!

Other fair highlights: Heritage Square with quilting demos and a Medicine Man show; "Celebrate Mexico" with beautiful flowers and plants displayed; and the live animals in Mojo's Jungle.

My favorite after the pig racing was Millard Sheets Center for the Arts exhibit. Titled "Three Centuries of Artistic Innovation from the Industrial Age to the Computer Age," it showcased how manufacturing innovations fueled artistic innovations. Artists - including a weaver, wood and marble sculptors, painters, a glass bead designer and jewelry makers - were demonstrating their specialties and explaining how their art has changed over the centuries.

I missed a lot of the displays, and I left before the Rick Springfield concert that night. Now that would've been some cheeze!

The Fair runs through October 3. Let me know what cheeze you find!

Click here to go to the LA County Fair's Web site.

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