Monday, September 13, 2010

Nonna's Pizzeria

My little town of South Pasadena is known for its smalltown charm. However, most small towns I know don't have two by-the-slice pizza joints within a block of each other. Well, South Pas does, and, as a pizza bonus, there's a Papa John's between them!

The pizza wars started with Mamma's Brick Oven (710 S. Fair Oaks) taking over the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building. They had parking as a bonus. Nonna Pizzeria (818 S. Fair Oaks) was the later entry, taking over a Middle Eastern restaurant's space. I tended to go to Mamma's, due to the forementioned parking. However, I was across the street at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy (see post from June 2009) and decided to give Nonna's a try. I had always thought it a copy-cat type of place. Chef Boyardee, was I ever wrong!

Both Nonna's crust and toppings were much better than Mamma's! On the left is the veggie spinach, artichoke, and sun-dried tomato slice, balanced out with Meatlover slice on the right. Let me tell you what was right about this slice: under the cheese, another layer of meat was hiding there! Delish!!

And, since I mention Papa John's (800 S. Fair Oaks), Papa John Schnatter knows smalltown! He's my people: a Hoosier from the next county over. My folks ate Papa John's when it was still a local shop. So rock on, Papa John! You continue to get my pizza dollars, and I always look forward to your garlic dipping sauce!

Click here to go to Nonna's Web site.

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