Saturday, September 25, 2010

Burger Continental

You would think with an inviting name like Burger Continental, I would've taken a trip or two around their global burger options. But no. This was my first burger at Burger Continental.

Yes, I've eaten there many times, but I've always ordered from the Mediterranean section and had delicious lamb and veggie kebabs, or shared a Feast with a group of friends, while being entertained by the belly dancers.

Today was different. This Mushroom Regency Burger was screaming at me from the menu! Can you understand why? Grilled mushrooms and onions, plus cheddar and avocado, completely encapsulate the meat! With the burger specials, you also get to take a run through the salad bar, and their version is stocked with yummies like minted cucumbers, tomato and mushroom salad, hummus and pita, falafel, and tabouleh. This wasn't your Sizzler's salad bar!

Burger Continental is on Lake near California is Pasadena. Try the burger or the kebabs as they're both fantastic! Shall I meet you there and we can split orders?!

Click here to go to Burger Continental's Web site.

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