Friday, September 10, 2010

Cee-dee's Big Adventure: Cheese Cave

Day two of the Big Adventure, and I woke up in a teepee in Rialto, CA. Next on the agenda was the LA County Fair, the largest county fair in North America. While driving west on the 10, I had a realization that maybe I should lay a base before indulging in some deep-fried fair food. Claremont was the next city sign I saw, so Claremont it was.

I'd never been to Claremont before, and I saw the signs for the Village. I figured I could get a muffin or ice cream or something snack-y there, and I started strolling their version of an Old Town. The Cheese Cave was one of the first shops I saw. I'll admit upfront, I really wanted it to be cheezy. Instead, it was a awesome fromagerie that also sold grab-and-go sandwiches. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a photo of the menu board so I could be accurate in my details of this delish sandwich, but here goes: a wonderfully soft sliced cheese with some kind of salami, layered with some sort of crunchy cucumber (Armenian maybe?) with mustard seed spread on a velvety soft baguette. As a side dish, I went with the little cup of dried fruit. Mind you, I was just at Hadley's, king of the Inland Empire dried fruits, so I wasn't expecting much. The Cheese Cave's dried apricots and cherries were fresh and perfect with the sandwich!

P.S. I took the sandwich to go, and found this bench to stage my shot. Is it cave-y enough?!

Tum-tum is now happy so I'm off to the Fair!

Click here for the Cheese Cave's Web site.

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