Friday, September 18, 2009

The Original Farmers Market

Sometimes it is important to go back to the source. The Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax is one of those places. In 1934, farmers sold fruit, veggies and flowers from their trucks, and customers bought 'em up. Next came restaurants to serve the hungry farmers and customers, and shops to take care of their errands. Voilà! A huge enterprise was born, with most local cities now offering their version of the original idea.

Although the outdoor Grove Mall replaced the old antique mall, most of my faves continue on, such as the green shopping carts (FYI, the color is Farmers Market Green, and the carts are made on site), and the classic Du-pars with their pancakes. Once, I went to the Gumbo Pot for lunch, and the jambalaya was so good, I went back and had another order for dinner. I love seeing the grandmas and the kiddies eating dipped ice cream cones, and tables filled with groups eating different meals from different vendors. Meet me at Third and Fairfax to continue the tradition!

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