Thursday, September 3, 2009

Merengue Cuban Restaurant

Usually when I have a craving for Cuban food, I'm off to Versailles for the liver and onions, oozing with the lemon and garlic flavors. Now, there's another contender in the Cuban taste test: Merengue Bakery & Cafe.

Located in the old town part of Monrovia, Merengue claims to have "food that'll make you dance!" I'll tell you, those plaintain chips definitely had my mouth dancing!! The Cuban sandwich was yummy on the toasty bread. In addition to Cuban specialties and hot plate meals like Arroz con Pollo, they also offer tuna melts and chicken wraps for the less adventurous.

The bakery options could lead to me relocating to Monrovia. Merengue, known as the home of the world's largest cupcake at almost seven feet tall, offers all sorts of desserts to tempt those taste buds. And, relax, you don't have to eat seven feet of cupcake, you can order a single serving if that's your inclination for the day.

Click here to go to their Web site.

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