Saturday, March 1, 2014

Brent's Deli

So I've posted on a number of LA delis: Canter's, Billy's, Jerry's, and Art's. I think I've found my new barometer: Brent's Deli. This is the Hot Brisket of Beef sandwich served Sky High with cole slaw and Russian dressing. The bread is what sends it up into the stars; it is double-baked rye which means it's all toasty-crusty outside and all soft inside. WOW!! And the potato salad was almost a mashed consistency and totally smooth.

Then there was this black and white cookie, almost the size of my Glen Campbell "Gentle on My Mind" 45! Luckily I got it to go, so the other folks at Brent's didn't see me embarrass myself scarfing it down!! It was gentle on my taste buds, all the way down!

Click here for Brent's Northridge location, where I enjoyed this fantastic food!

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