Sunday, March 16, 2014

Big Green Puppetzilla Puppet Slam

OK, I was new to this, too, but I'm happy to share it was a HOOT! The Big Green Puppetzilla Puppet Slam, with the St. Patrick's Day theme, featured a slew of edgy adult acts - from a sandwich that ate the rodent instead of the expected outcome, a devil crooning to "I Put A Spell on You," Sochi Insect Olympics, re-enacted "Teenage Wasteland," an innocently offensive Elmo-type, a newscaster interviewing a tree, and a talking cigarette box. The performers were connected to the LA Guild of Puppetry, so it was quality material.

Puppet Slam was held at the Bootleg Theater, on Beverly near Alvarado. Great place for a great show!! They announced the next show date is April 6. Will I see you there?!

I wasn't new to the McDonald's green Shamrock Shake, which was a mintalicious end to a hysterical night. I'll have to find another snackie for the April show. Let's go!

Click here for Bootleg Theater's Web site.

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