Friday, October 4, 2013

Proud Bird

Proud Bird is closing in November! Argh, this means one of LA's iconic aviation-themed restaurants will be no more. (See my Encounter post from last February for another example.)

Located off one of the two landing runways at LAX since 1967, the Proud Bird is been home to a dozen or so vintage/historic planes. For instance, the orange plane to the left is a Bell X-1, which was the first to break the sound barrier. How cool is that?! That means you can see classic planes and modern-day planes simultaneously.

Proud Bird also serves up some tasty chow, although you don't have to eat to watch the planes. This is the Ahi Tuna Tower appetizer: fresh ahi with chili, soy, radish, avocado, mango, ginger. tobiko caviar and wasabi creme fraiche. WOW!!

Definitely go before they close! I can't explain it, but I could've watched those planes land for hours. If it wasn't for Randy's Donuts calling me, I'd probably still be there.

Click here for Proud Bird's Web site.

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