Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jongewaard's Bake-n-Broil

How's this for a social idea: meet up with my friend and go for a run before getting breakfast?! Woohoo, pancakes as recovery food!

These lemon blueberry smiling cuties are from Jongewaard's Bake-n-Broil, a Long Beach institution since 1969. That's raspberry syrup in the bowl to the side. Delicious!! I also got a side order of scrambled eggs, but they did not have a face. My friend's breakfast burrito and fruit cup looked tasty, too!

With full bellies, I must admit that we walked back after chowing down, each carrying a to-go bag of extras. Next time, I want to try the chicken pot pie or liver and onions, and maybe take a stab at the desserts. The strawberry pie looked fantastic, and I hear the red velvet cake is off the chart!

Anyone up for a run to LBC, either by car or by foot?

Jongewaard's does not have a Web site. Their address is 3697 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach. Phone is (562) 595-0396.

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