Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Indiana 2013: Toast on Market

It's my final day in Indiana, and I'm meeting my big brother for some chow before heading to the airport. I did some research, and it looked like Toast on Market (the New Albany location) was my kind of joint. Mom and pop shop, and, if nothing else, they had pancakes.

As I've shared, my pancake face adventures have delivered a number of surprises. Toast's is way at the top of my list: griddled-in blueberries! Woohoo, I haven't been served that before.

And, it turned out that my brother played high school football with the owner. So not only did we enjoy a delicious bon voyage breakfast, but we got to truly support local business and have a small world encounter. Toast also has a location in Louisville. Give them a try if you're in the Hoosierland!

Click here to go to Toast's Web site.

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