Sunday, June 16, 2013

Four 'N 20 Restaurant

This month's burger is brought to you by Four 'N 20 in Valley Village. I discovered Four 'N 20 because of a surprise freeway detour on my drive this morning. My reroute on Laurel Canyon back to the 101 took me right past the restaurant. A quick looksie at their Web site brought me back on the way home.

Four 'N 20 is old school family restaurant. Be prepared that you are faced with the pie case as soon as you walk in. I heard other customers talking about their favorite dishes while trying to choose what to order. I went with the classic burger with grilled onions and 1000 Island dressing. The fries are meaty with skin on. Delicious! Their chili and corn bread or chili 'n spaghetti are on the agenda for my next visit.

Remember the pie tease?! This is their phenomenal banana fudge! I brought it home to enjoy with a glass of milk in my comfy PJs.

Anyone need a detour?!

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