Monday, May 21, 2012

Cleopatra at California Science Center

Yet another perk of working at the Skirball is invites to sneak previews at our collegial museums. Cleopatra: The Exhibition at California Science Center is the latest flash-the-badge benefit.

My takeaway from Cleo?! Jerry Springer could focus a whole season on her. She married her brother, then later her son. (I'll admit, that would be a shocker even for Springer!) She had affairs and children with the two most powerful men of the time: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Both were married to other women, by the way. Her children with Antony were cared for by his widow after Cleo and Antony committed suicide.

The artifacts displayed were all recovered from water or buried in sand, so there's a submerged feel to the exhibition. View jewelry, helmets, figurines and statues all brought back to life. Excavating some of the massive pieces must have been an unimaginable challenge, which only adds to the appeal of seeing them for yourself. Cleopatra runs through the end of the year.

Click here to go to Cleopatra at CSC's Web site.

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