Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Dog Beer Tavern

I've mentioned my burger-a-month plan here and to my work chums, two of whom have taken me under their wings to make that one burger totally worth it.

This month's burger is Blue Dog Beer Tavern's awesome Fire Starter. It looks like a mess, the lava-esque pepper jack cheese, crispy onion strings, deep fried jalapeƱos and honey chipotle dressing surrounding the 1/3 lb. burger (their house blend of brisket and chuck roll) and the caramelized potato bun(!) keeping all the intense flavors together. I actually commented how the bun stood up to the bounty of the burger!

The sports bar and beer themes at the Blue Dog are lost on me, so I'll stick with the burger choices and work my way through that list, one month at a time.

Click here to go to Blue Dog's Web site.

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