Friday, April 27, 2012

"What About Dick?" at the Orpheum

Did you get to see Eric Idle's hysterical "What About Dick?" during its brief run at the Orpheum? If not, YOU MISSED OUT!!

Tim Curry and Eddie Izzard. Billy Connolly and my bagpipe teacher John Allan. Russell Brand and Tracy Ullman. Jane Leeves and Sophie Winkleman. Who wasn't there for Dick?!

Staged as a radio play - the actors were reading from scripts without scenery, and the sound effects guy was an awesome performer in his own right - the storyline was a little wonky. But, it didn't matter! Seeing Eric, Tim, Eddie and Billy cracking up with the rest of us was priceless! Tim's "Great Scott!" exclamation had me reflexively tossing a roll of toilet paper flashing back from his and my "Rocky Horror" days, and at one point Eddie was bounding back and forth between two microphones alternating a British and Indian accent. Wonderful! Russell spoke of an "action transvestite" with an obvious nod to Eddie. Speaking of Russell, he was a bit tweaky and rubber-bandish at the same time. My instructor got to pipe along with the crowd sing-along initiated by Billy (just try to get "oh packety whackety nickety nackety sings the lonely trout" out of your head!) and was a definite bonus for me. Not one for the kiddies or the easily offended, as bawdy, double entendres were flying from all sides. But, I know YOU would have loved it! See it - or see it again! - if it ever comes back.

Click here to go to "What About Dick?"'s Web site.

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