Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pitfire Artisan Pizza

I'm meeting a friend after work to catch up on the latest. Her job is changing, and she'll be taking on a lot more responsibility. She recommended an awesome place in NoHo, Pitfire Artisan Pizza, to talk some smack about her shifting role.

The pitfire part combines fire and community-table seating options out on the patio. It was fun to chat with the others warming to the flames while checking out what they ordered. It all looked tasty!

My artisan pizza was potato, bacon and radicchio - yes, and it was as good as it sounds. I started with lemon garlic chicken soup with spinach, and the delicious watermelon lemonade. The only real smack was my lips smacking together totally enjoying this meal!

They have a few locations around town, so I'll have to make the rounds. Who wants to try some awesome pizza?

Click here to go to Pitfire Pizza's Web site.

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