Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feast from the East

I've been hearing about Feast from the East's Chinese Chicken Salad for months. Now that we're on the verge of the Project Mah Jongg exhibition at the Skirball, it seemed like a perfect excuse to finally check it out.

I went with a colleague who shared that the famous salad was used as a lure to get relators to see new listings back in her real estate days. Wow, what a story!

Now that I'm in the club, I totally get it. What makes this salad so delish is the magical sesame dressing and the shredded chicken. Otherwise, the ingredients are the standards. Feast from the East just mixes them a little differently. I'll definitely be back to continue feasting here!

Click here to go to Feast from the East's Web site.

Click here to go to the Skirball's Web site.

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