Friday, August 12, 2011

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

Today, I'm needing to re-recharge the batteries; I'm needing a Glen Ivy spa day.

I've never been to Glen Ivy alone, but when I couldn't rally any troops, going solo was the only way to go. And, it worked out fine. I actually went off the grid for several hours!

I spent the day jelly-ing in the jacuzzi, baking off (in the shade!) the red clay mud bath for wonderfully soft skin, and floating in the saline pool with each vista as beautiful as the next. Oh, and lots of time lounging under bougainvilleas, totally shutting off my head.

This impressive sashimi plate was a total surprise! I was set for a spinach salad-esque lunch and was very pleased to hear that there was a sushi bar now on location. This is the Big 3 Sashimi, with salmon, tuna and yellowtail. I hope you're also noticing the edible petals, cucumbers and Japanese radish spirals shaped into flowers. I pretty much licked the plate clean! Awesome!!

Now, maybe you'll step up when you hear I'm making a Glen Ivy run. I'll be recharging soon!

Click here to go to Glen Ivy's Web site.

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