Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pann's Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Pann's Restaurant and Coffee Shop
is one of my LA treasures. Right up there with the closed Ship's and new-fangled Cafe 101 (see my post from December 2009), its Googie slanted roof, faux rock wall, red vinyl booths, dancin' font, and awesome "futuristic" light fixtures just delight me.

Oh yes, and the food. It's diner all the way! Here you see their brisket with the steamed spinach (yes, an attempt to be healthy) balanced with some fantastic macaroni and cheese. Dang, I was totally eyeing the peach cobbler in the pastry case, too, but decided I could - and probably should - come back another time.

Just a soapbox moment here: just because Pann's has been around since 1958, it doesn't mean it'll be here forever. Let's remember to support this and other classic eateries to keep them in business. Stepping down now, and wishing I got the cobbler to go.

Click here to go to Pann's Web site.

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