Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hearst Castle

Fueled by healthy fare, the next stop was Hearst Castle. Talk about over-the-top, but in a totally different way from Madonna Inn. If you haven't seen it for yourself, one word - decadence - sums it up! Remember, this man was a gazillionaire, and he was not afraid to spend his money. He even had a pier built to unload his auction purchases from Renaissance castles and cathedrals. Massive fireplaces, huge tapestries and awesome carved wood ceilings (my mind wonders how those were transported!) all intermingle in the rooms. Oh yes, and then there's gold leaf on the tiled floors of the indoor pool for some keeping-it-real perspective.

Keep in mind that this was a working ranch, and the Casa Grande was thought of as a ranch house. Hmmm, what did the "real" house look like?!

Since it seems this trip's pictures have been focused on food, I went with the special WRH napkin on the immense dining room table. Apparently, Mr. Hearst kept a huge kitchen staff, yet put ketchup on everything. Vintage Heinz glass bottles and mustard jars sat on the table with this beautiful china.

Finally, Hearst Castle was the one snowglobe score on this trip. Nevermind that I really wanted the glass one with the sled; I'm happy with the cheezy one I got!

I'm feeling some more food coming on...

Click here to go to Hearst Castle's Web site.

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