Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hitching Post

Finally, the "real meal" for the day courtesy of the Hitching Post. I read about the Hitching Post on the site, one of my absolutely favorite food references. They said it was worth a drive from anywhere; that little notation was relevant because the Casmalia original location is literally out in the middle of nowhere! (I grew up in the sticks, so I definitely know what the middle of nowhere looks and feels like.) The place was packed, and everyone seemed to know everyone else.

The Hitching Post does Santa Maria style barbecue, which means it is slow cooked, served with salsa, with bread to sop up the juices. Here you see my delicious petite filet, grilled veggies and artichoke, and garlic bread for the soaking action. What you don't see is the crispy relish tray, fruit cocktail (for the non-shrimp cocktail eaters) and heaping green salad with bleu cheese dressing for starters, or the raspberry sherbet for dessert.

I concur with the Roadfood guys, as this meal was well-worth the drive. Tummy more than full, it was time to wrap up this trip and head home for a return to reality. And, to start thinking about the next big adventure...

Click here to go the the Hitching Post's Web site.

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