Friday, November 12, 2010

Le Petit Beaujolais

I like throwing some French around when I get the chance, sprinkling words and phrases here and there as appropriate to utilize the language portion of my brain. Since I need food to fuel the gray matter, it all came together at a delightful little French bistro in Eagle Rock.

I was meeting a friend for a catch-up breakfast. She recommended Le Petit Beaujolais (midway between our maisons), known for its yummy dishes. I went with their oeufs et pain perdu, or eggs and French toast, with the crispest bacon I think I've ever had. It actually curled, like the ribbons on gift boxes! (I could imagine someone in the back with the scissors curling the bacon ribbons!) The French toast was fabulous, topped with bananas, strawberries and walnuts, the powdered sugar making a warm glaze; it was doubly-delicious dipped into the runny egg yolk.

We ended up staying for three hours, so I got to view a variety of dishes delivered to other tables. The quiches and croque-monsieurs had me considering lunch. Quelle horreur! I did have another appointment, so it was time to move on. Not to worry, I'll always find a way to weave food, French, and French food into my life!

Le Petit Beaujolais does not currently have a Web site. Their address is 1661 Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. Phone is (323) 255-5133.

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