Monday, July 19, 2010

The Slaw Dogs

So what do YOU eat after you've had dental work done? For some reason, a hot dog popped into my head. I've been wanting to try The Slaw Dogs, so today was the day.

Slaw Dogs is on Lake in Pasadena, north of Orange Grove and just south of that crazy fast food intersection with Orean and Roscoe's. I spotted Slaw Dogs when I did the Orean post last month.

They are the hot dog equivalent to the hamburger trend of piling lots of random stuff on top of the meat. I really wanted to try the Thai Slaw Dog with the satay dressing and cilantro-carrot slaw, but as you can see by my picture, I went all American.

This is the Picnic Dog, grilled and topped with BBQ sauce, potato salad, onion rings, and a dill pickle wedge. It was fantastic! And, I will add, perfectly chewable post-dental drilling; no weird "fight for a bite" dogs I've had other places.

Slaw Dogs has seating inside and a couple of picnic tables outside for alfresco dining. I totally dug the live basil plants on the outdoor tables, when we tend to see carnations or other less useful plants.

Give them a try. I'm sure you'll find some combination to your liking. Or, make your own combo!

Click here to go to The Slaw Dog's Web site.

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