Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pie Boy Pizzeria

While seeking a quick dinner before my Last Remaining Seats film with the Los Angeles Conservancy, I found a new pizza joint near Pershing Square. Pie Boy Pizzeria is a tasty option that I am happy to recommend to all of you.

Options is the operative word at Pie Boy. After selecting the size of your pie, then you choose a red, green or white sauce. Next you add as many of the à la carte toppings as you can rationalize and/or afford, including 15 veggies, 9 meats, and 10 specialty imported treats. Go get 'em!

This pie is a small, with red tomato sauce, then spinach, tomatoes, chicken apple sausage, and a perfect balance of cheese. Tasty!! Serving it on the wooden paddle was unique, and they have a fun selection of gourmet sodas. My Thomas Kemper Ginger Peach Soda was superb. They were having computer problems on my visit day, so there was a bit of a delay with the ordering process. But, I'm glad I waited it out as Pie Boy delivered with this delish dish.

Click here to go to Pie Boy's Web site.

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