Monday, June 7, 2010

The Ice House

Laughter's the best medicine, so they say. Maybe that explains why I'm so inexplicably healthy! Don't pretend you don't know how I eat (just look at some of these food posts!), but I also get at least a daily dose of humor.

Pasadena's historic Ice House is a fantastic place to get your laugh on. You'll definitely recognize the masters who have performed here: Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez, Steve Martin and Bob Newhart to name just a few. After 50 years, the Ice House is still packing in the stand-up comedians. On my last visit, I experienced substantial crack-ups with Mark Christopher Lawrence from the TV show "Chuck." Here you can see him doing his thing up on the famous stage. You never know who'll show up, but you can guarantee a good time!

In a small-world Pasadena side bar, Bob Stane, who ran the Ice House for many years, was the lucky recipient of the wacky 18-foot fork noted in last month's Arlington Gardens post. Yes, those folks still know how to laugh!

Click here to go to The Ice House's Web site.

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