Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's

My friend was hostessing a fundraiser for the animal rescue group Amanda Foundation that she volunteers with. At Hamburger Mary's with some Drag Queen Bingo. How can you not support that cause?!

I would say my amusement with drag queens goes back to too-many-to-count midnight viewings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Vogue Theater in Louisville, KY in the '80s. Although I never made it through the whole film (after Meat Loaf's "Hot Patootie" my narcolepsy tended to kick in), the preshow with the transvestites, Brads and Janets was always a hoot!

Wind it forward to 2010, and an opportunity to donate $20 to support a very worthy cause. The crowd at Hamburger Mary's was rearing to go, and many had obviously been many times before. As expected, this wasn't your grandmother's bingo! Ball caller/drag queen extraordinaire Belle Aire kept the had the bingo-ers roaring with lots of catty comments, innuendos, and callbacks (anytime I-29 was called, you shout "yes I am...and holding!" is a clean one!). After each round, the bingo winner - I was one of them!! - got to run around the room while everyone else pelted him/her with their losing wadded-up bingo cards before receiving the goodie bag. I scored on a bottle of Jett vodka, DVDs, a gift certificate to Veggie Grill, plus some other fun surprises.

This goes on every Wednesday at 7P and 9P as a fundraiser for a local organization.

And, while this post is focused on the drag queen bingo, my burger at Hamburger Mary's was delish! My server recommended the Mediterranean - topped with a slab of feta, cucumbers, grilled tomatoes, and an olive spread - and it was fabulous!

So, go support a good cause and have a burger and a blast. Maybe I'll get to hear you shout bingo!

Click here to go to Hamburger Mary's Web site.


  1. And here's the official "Legendary Bingo" site, if you want to check out an event/the charities:

  2. Cruise Director Los AngelesJune 24, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    Thanks, Cheryl! Great to know!