Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fire Island Grill

As Cruise Director Los Angeles, I am responsible for covering ALL of Los Angeles County and its 4,000 or so square miles. That includes Palmdale and the tasty Fire Island Grill.

Located out in the Antelope Valley on the northern edge of our humble county, the Fire Island Grill is a surprising oasis in what I thought would be desert. A friend had been recommending their food for weeks, so I had to give it a try. Who knew Palmdale was one of the fastest growing cities in California? Certainly not me!

Similarly to Pie Boy's pizza options, Fire Island Grill has an awesome build-your-own Fire Island Bowl. Choose your base: white or brown rice, Fire Island rice, or Island noodles; then your protein: chicken, steak, pork or shrimp; then your flavor: pineapple teriyaki, lava flow peanut, spicy orange or Fire Island teriyaki. All dishes come with the sauteed veggies. I went with the Island noodles, luau pulled pork and Fire Island teriyaki sauce. YUMM! And the big red bowl is perfect for stirring all the goodies together so each bite is unique.

There are other menu items, like salads and sandwiches, but the bowls seemed to be the selection of most of the other diners. Now, I'm recommending it to you!

Click here to go to Fire Island Grill's Web site.

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