Friday, June 25, 2010

Orean, The Health Express

After Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's, where do I start with another post? How about Orean, The Health Express for a completely different burger?

Located north of the intersection of Lake and Orange Grove Avenues in Pasadena, on a corner with multiple traditional fast-food choices (McDonald's, KFC, and Carl's Jr./Green Burrito plus the awesome Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles next to the KFC), Orean is the "first vegetarian fast-food take out" in the nation. Their drive-thru option balances out the yoga, green, and alternative health magazines stacked on the counter. But, don't worry, you're not eating cardboard here. Orean delivers a trifecta: good, quick and healthy food that will keep you coming back.

This is the Salad Burger, made of garden veggies, sunflower seeds, and black beans, served with a sloppy sauce and lettuce on a whole wheat bun. It's sooo tasty, you'd never know it was actually good for you! The fries are oven-baked "air fries," so it's not even a splurge to have some.

I've tried a few other things on the menu, but my standard is the Salad Burger. Give these good while still-good-for-you choices a spin. With the drive-thru, you don't even have to get out of the car.

Click here to go to Orean's Web site.

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